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Chapter Title Published
1 Overview of Network Programming ✔️
2 Fundamentals of Networking Concepts ✔️
3 Introduction to Socket Programming ✔️
4 Asynchronous Programming with Async/Await ✔️
5 Multithreading in Network Applications
6 Robust Error Handling and Fault Tolerance Strategies
7 Efficient Data Serialization Techniques
8 Network Performance Optimization
9 Working with TCP/IP Sockets
10 Working with UDP Sockets
11 Working with WebSocket
12 Implementing HTTP Communication
13 Working with WebRTC
14 Working with MQTT for IoT (Internet of Things) applications
15 Working with GRPC
16 Working with WebHooks
17 Implementing Message Queuing
18 Preventing Common Security Threats
19 Testing and Debugging Network Applications