# Author Bio

Chris Woodruff, also known as Woody, is an Architect at Real Times Technologies and brings nearly three decades of industry expertise, having launched his career before the first .COM boom. Renowned for his contributions to software development and architecture, Woody is a regular speaker at international conferences, where he shares his deep knowledge on topics ranging from database development to APIs and web technologies.

A dedicated mentor, Woody thrives on guiding fellow developers and enhancing their skills through his talks, written work, and digital content. He co-hosts the popular “Breakpoint Show” podcast and YouTube channel, which he uses to connect with and educate the tech community. He is also writing a book covering network programming with C# and .NET.

Woody’s interests extend beyond his professional life, adding a personal touch to his character. He is a passionate bourbon enthusiast, often embarking on adventures along the Bourbon Trail in search of unique finds to savor and share with friends. Family time is a cherished part of his life, and he often shares insights from his professional journey on his blog at https://woodruff.dev. To stay updated on his latest projects and adventures, follow him on Twitter at @cwoodruff and Mastodon at https://mastodon.social/@cwoodruff, where he shares his thoughts and experiences, fostering a sense of connection with his audience.